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Radar Digital Signal Processing R&D since 2011

Pioneering Innovation
with Radar Technology.

Micro-vibrational patterns from vehicles, objects and humans are all unique. As we breathe in air, our lungs fill up causing the chest to move up and down providing accurate respiration rate (RR). From within the body, our heart generates the biggest motion as it pumps blood throughout the body, providing heart rate. This is the basic “core logic” that powers all of Xandar Kardian’s unique solutions.

Solutions for
Smart Buildings.

Presence Detection

True presence detection is the most essential data for any smart building application. Xandar Kardian does this by obtaining human vital sign signals (without the need to detect exact BPM) from a given space.

People Counting

$150B worth of corporate real estate square footage is empty.¹ Knowing the right size of actual office space needed can save companies millions if not billions annually. Retailers, shopping mall operators, f&b operators can also obtain critical conversion rates by knowing how many customers actually visited certain “zones” rather only obtaining data from doorways. Xandar Kardian makes it all possible.

Fall detection

Traditional “pull cords” or “push buttons” have two critical design flaw: it requires conciousness and physical strength. Xandar Kardian’s automatic fall detection system for smart buildings is designed to detect all types of falls regardless of the occupants actions by pinpointing vital sign movements (heart beat + breathing) emmited from the floor of a given space.

million sq.ft covered
and counting
deployments around
the world to date

Over the air. Continuous. Autonomous.

Redefining "care"
in healthcare.

Vital Sign Monitoring

For decades, the gold standard for vital sign measurement was via electrocardiography (ECG), which requires skin contact to be accurate. The body however, also generates unqiue micro-vibration patterns that provides extremely accurate vital signs such as RHR and RR. Xandar Kardian detects and monitors this “over the air” – as far away as 30 feet (RR).


Fall Management

CDC estimates that hospital acquired conditions (HAC) such as falls, can cost the hospital $30K per event. Patients stay becomes longer, quality of care and life decreases, stress for staff increases and overall it is something that should be prevented. Xandar Kardian provides both fall detection and prevention effectively without false triggers (0.01%).



Recent Deployments:


Early innovators embracing Xandar Kardian's disruptive solutions.

We exist today because of our clients and partners who took a leap of faith with us from the start. Our way of repaying the debt of gratitude is by providing the most cutting edge technology capable of actionable insight, capitalize on ROI and optimize the most valuable resource – manpower.


What our clients say about Xandar Kardian.

800 Fulton

“With state-of-the-art Xandar Kardian sensor technology, 800 Fulton is able to deliver cutting edge levels of data, security, and energy efficiency for you and your business. ”
800 Fulton

Smart Technology Specialist

“Xandar Kardian is now part of the growing list of cutting-edge technology that’s featured in our Smart Home On Wheels.”
Kris Thompson



``(Xandar Kardian) Seven Technologies Destined to Change Commercial and Corporate Real Estate.``
Tina Danelsen

Sr. Writer, Realcomm

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Remote Health Monitoring

Remote Health Monitoring

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