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Power your business with precise, real-time occupancy data.

Optimizing Every Corner of the World


Our radar expertise extends around the world.

International Airport Deployments

Our technology-driven data helps streamline aviation security checkpoints.

Class A Office Building Deployments

From offices to elevators, our sensors can help improve energy efficiency, wellness and brand experience.

National Bank Deployments

High-accuracy presence detection helps augment security in these high-priority areas.

Shopping Mall Deployments

Radar-based monitoring can help elevate and secure the retail experience.

Factory Deployments

Radar-based monitoring can help optimize space usage, energy efficiency and more.

Real-Time Occupancy Sensing for Commercial Real Estate

Building Occupancy Data Matters

For commercial real estate owners and operators, every part of your building needs to work for you. From entrances and lobbies to elevators and bathrooms, each environment presents its own challenges. Now there is one technology that can sense and measure occupancy across all of them — and deliver precise, real-time data you can trust. Discover how ultra-wideband (UWB) radar is helping commercial real estate organizations work more economically, improve guest/tenant satisfaction and prioritize wellness.

Tap into Energy Savings

Count on precise presence detection to optimize energy usage throughout your buildings.

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Elevate Your Brand Experience

Prioritize guest and tenant satisfaction — without sacrificing cost efficiency.

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Champion ESG & Wellness Initiatives

Optimize energy use, support wellness and mitigate risk.

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Tap into Energy Savings

Maximize Savings with Demand-Controlled Ventilation

How do you modulate airflow throughout your facility? If you’re relying on historical occupancy trends or unreliable people-counting technology, your guests’ comfort — and your bottom line — could be paying the price. With radar-based presence detection and people counting, you can take advantage of demand-controlled ventilation, allowing you to adjust airflow based on real-time, building-wide occupancy data — helping improve wellness, comfort and cost savings.

$14,000+ Savings Per Floor, Per Year

Estimated after a five-month pilot program in two floors of downtown Toronto office building

“The delays associated with traditional PIR sensors don’t support the kind of efficiency or cost savings today’s office environments need. Ultra-wideband radar is a powerful way to tap into precise occupancy data immediately — and use that data to help improve your environment.”
– Sam Yang,
  Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer,
  Xandar Kardian Inc.

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Elevate Your Brand Experience

Provide a Comfortable Guest Experience

Comfortable temperatures. Fresh, filtered airflow. Demand-based cleaning. With real-time, radar-based presence detection, you can provide a consistently positive guest experience — strengthening your brand and your bottom line. And since our sensors use edge computing, you can bring their power to more places than ever before.

183 Sensors Deployed

to track occupancy and space utilization at 800 West Fulton, Chicago — dubbed “Chicago’s Smartest Building.” The data is used to optimize the tenant experience and energy efficiency by adjusting lighting and HVAC settings according to occupancy.

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Champion ESG & Wellness Initiatives

Support Environmental, Social and Governance Priorities

Optimize your energy usage. Improve safety, comfort and wellness for guests and employees. Mitigate risk and ensure accountability with robust reporting and reliable data. All these ESG initiatives — and more — can be supported by better occupancy data.

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