Elevating ESG and More in Hospitality

Support environmental, social and government initiatives, improve the guest and employee experience, and reduce energy costs with precise presence & vacancy detection.

Radar-Based Monitoring for Hospitality

Making Every Stay More Comfortable — And Cost Effective

Traditional presence detection methods can prove difficult in hotel environments, with challenges ranging from privacy concerns to temperature complaints. Ultra-wideband (UWB) radar offers a more precise, private way to detect presence in real time throughout your entire facility — helping you strike the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency. Explore the many ways it can help you provide a positive guest experience, prioritize staff safety and satisfaction, and deliver a strong return on investment.

Tap into Energy Savings

Count on precise presence and vacancy detection to reduce HVAC, lighting and other energy costs.

Elevate Your Brand Experience

Prioritize guest comfort and safety — without sacrificing cost efficiency.

Improve Employee Safety & Satisfaction

Help your teams handle rising workloads safely and efficiently.

Champion ESG Priorities

Optimize energy use, support wellness and mitigate risk.

Tap into Energy Savings

Maximize Energy Efficiency with Real-Time Occupancy Data

In hotel rooms, movement-based temperature and lighting adjustments are common causes of guest complaints. That’s because traditional methods like PIR sensors rely on large body motions to detect presence — so when guests become still during sleep, their comfort (or your HVAC budget) often pays the price. With UWB radar sensing, you can count on true, real-time presence data to help you optimize energy use without impacting your guests’ comfort.

Singapore Serviced Residence Saw <8-Month ROI

Discover how a large serviced residence operator in Asia Pacific used actual room vacancy insights to achieve significant energy savings — and calculated a return on their investment in as little as 7.5 months.

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Elevate Your Brand Experience

A Comfortable Guest is a Satisfied Guest

Room temperature is a common guest complaint — and a common driver of avoidable energy costs. Are you struggling to strike the right balance between a superior guest experience and energy efficiency? With better insights into your actual occupancy, you can:

  • Reduce interruptions by helping housekeeping and maintenance staff avoid the room while it is occupied
  • Avoid unnecessary lighting and temperature adjustments when guests are present in the room
Comfort and Cost Efficiency: You Can Have Both

Evidence shows that occupancy information-based temperature control can save ~11%-34% of energy without significantly risking occupants’ comfort levels.1

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Improve Employee Safety and Satisfaction

Protect and Support Your Employees

Though demand for travel is rebounding, many hotels continue to deal with staffing shortages. Help your teams deal with rising workloads safely and efficiently. With precise, real-time room occupancy data, you don’t need to wait for check-out time to begin servicing all rooms. Give your team more time by beginning work as soon as rooms are vacant.

  • Disperse housekeeping and maintenance tasks more evenly throughout their shifts
  • Protect staff by being confident a room is empty before they enter
Did You Know? Hotel Staff Safety Is in the Spotlight

New Jersey, Washington State, Illinois, Miami Beach, Sacramento and Santa Monica. These are just a handful of the US cities and states with laws requiring hotels to provide personal safety technology like panic buttons for staff members working alone.2 Add another powerful layer of protection with true occupancy and vacancy insights — so they can be confident a room is empty before they enter.
Champion ESG Priorities

Support Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives

Optimize your energy usage. Improve safety, comfort and wellness for guests and employees. Mitigate risk and ensure accountability with robust reporting and reliable data. All these ESG initiatives — and more — can be supported by better occupancy data.

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Xandar Kardian Co-Winner of Dubai Tourism Futurism Programme

The award recognized Xandar Kardian’s innovative radar-based solutions to enhance quality of life without sacrificing comfort or privacy in hotels and other smart buildings.

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1Chenli Wang, Kaleb Pattawi, Hohyun Lee, Energy saving impact of occupancy-driven thermostat for residential buildings, Energy and Buildings, Volume 211, 2020, 109791, ISSN 0378-7788,