Xandar Kardian Closes 2023 On a High Note with Award Wins from Fast Company’s 2023 “Next Big Thing In Tech” List & the 2024 CES Innovation Awards

Xandar Kardian’s Groundbreaking Radar Solutions Continue to Receive Significant Accolades and Impressive Recognition From Industry-Leading Authorities in Technology Evaluation.

TORONTO, Can. – (December 08, 2023) – Xandar Kardian, a Toronto-based industry leader in developing radar signal processing technology for presence detection and vital sign monitoring, today announced numerous award wins to cap off a tremendous 2023 for the brand. Last week, Xandar Kardian was named a winner in the highly competitive North America category of Fast Company’s third annual Next Big Things in Tech List, honoring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries — from healthcare and security to artificial intelligence and data. Additionally, the company took home honors for three 2024 CES Innovation Awards – bringing the total number of CES Innovation Awards that Xandar Kardian has won over the last four years to a remarkable tally of 15.

Xandar Kardian’s XK300-H home health monitor was the product selected to Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list in the prestigious North America category, celebrating contributions specifically from US & Canadian-based companies. This year, 119 technologies developed by established companies, startups, or research teams are highlighted for their cutting-edge advancements and potential to impact consumers, businesses and society overall. While not all of the technological developments are available in the market yet, each one is reaching key milestones in order to have a proven impact in the next five years.

“The Next Big Things in Tech is not just a look around the corner—it’s a look around the corner after that,” says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company. “These are the products and ideas that will define technological innovation for the rest of this decade and beyond — and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. We are thrilled to honor the organizations that are making them a reality.”

At the 2024 CES Innovation Awards, Xandar Kardian received honors in the Digital Health category for three unique product offerings, including the aforementioned XK300-H – underscoring the widespread application for the company’s digital radar signal processing technology across various industries and settings, where they can have an impact on lives anywhere from senior living facilities to prisons. Below are the products that received honors:

Digital Health: XK300-H

  • The XK300-H uses radar to monitor vital signs such as body motion, breathing, and heartbeat in the comfort of patients’ own homes — with no wearables, patches, or finger sensors involved. Its privacy-protecting design permits remote access by medical professionals without incorporating cameras or microphones.

Digital Health: XK-Slim

  • The XK-Slim Sensor is a new innovation inspired by Xandar Kardian’s flagship XK300 sensor, which is an award-winning, FDA 510(k) cleared class II medical device. The XK-Slim Sensor features Xandar Kardian’s proprietary UWB (ultra-wide band) radar technology which safely detects macro (body motion), micro (breathing motion) and nano (heartbeat) vibration patterns that are constantly generated by our human bodies to accurately measure a patient’s vital signs. However, what makes the XK-Slim Sensor unique is its design – the product features a rotatable extending “blade” that optimizes vital sign collection, making it Xandar Kardian’s most versatile sensor yet.

Digital Health: XK-FD (Fall Detection Sensor)

  • Xandar Kardian’s XK-FD (Fall Detection Sensor) is a new product that is propelled by the same radar technology as the company’s flagship XK300 sensor, an award-winning, FDA 510(k) cleared class II medical device. Debuting in early 2024, XK-FD is designed specifically for deployment in bathrooms. The product leverages Xandar Kardian’s presence detection and vital sign monitoring to successfully detect fall events in medical and household restrooms. Additionally, it helps medical staff monitor bathroom usage trends (length of trip, frequency) to assist in early detection of related issues in medically-vulnerable patients, such as urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal issues.

“Securing this recognition for Xandar Kardian’s technology from both Fast Company and CES represents a significant milestone for our company, underscoring the progress and growth we’ve made over the last year as we’ve continued to transform the landscape of healthcare and patient monitoring,” said Sam Yang, co-founder and CEO at Xandar Kardian. “Earlier this year, we surpassed 50 deployments with healthcare facilities across the US, and we’re seeing our technology installed in new segments every month, from senior living facilities to airports to correctional facilities. These accolades validate that the impact of Xandar Kardian’s sensors is not just a future pipedream, but a present reality that is changing real lives every single day.”

Xandar Kardian will be celebrating these accolades and showcasing its award-winning technologies during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 9th-12th, 2024. Those planning to attend can visit Xandar Kardian Booth #8537 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center for a first-hand look at XK300-H and other products. To learn more information on Xandar Kardian, as well as how the company’s autonomous radar monitoring solutions can seamlessly integrate into your healthcare facility, commercial building or corporate office space, visit their website at www.xkcorp.com.

About Xandar Kardian:
Xandar Kardian is a US Delaware C-Corp headquartered in Toronto with international operations spanning Chicago, IL., South Korea, and Singapore, focused on deploying reliable and high accuracy security and healthcare solutions worldwide. Xandar Kardian elevates motion sensor technology to the next level, incorporating radar sensors that monitor vital signs via resting heart rate (RHR) and respiratory rate (RR), providing essential insights into occupant’s body motion and vital sign reading. Founded in 2017, the team behind Xandar Kardian is focused on digital radar signal processing from start-to-finish, having received FDA 510(k) Clearance for its XK300 in April 2021.

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