Xandar Kardian and Ceragem Announce Integrated Partnership to Explore New Collaborative Opportunities

The Multifaceted Partnership will Seek to Leverage the Revolutionary Technology Behind Xandar Kardian’s Industry-Leading Radar Sensors

TORONTO, Can. – (January 22, 2024) – Xandar Kardian, a Toronto and South Korea-based industry leader in developing radar signal processing technology for presence detection and vital sign monitoring, has formally announced an integrated partnership with Ceragem, a global health care solutions provider that manufactures products to improve spinal, joint, ligament, and overall health. The partnership will seek enhance business operations for both Xandar Kardian and Ceragem in a number of ways, including optimizing cross-channel exposure for both companies across each business’ core audience, general expansion into a broad range of new markets, and joint R&D for the potential creation of new, collaborative products that leverage the innovative technologies of both parties.

While Xandar Kardian and Ceragem are highly regarded in their own respective industries, one common thread that unites the two companies is their dedication to optimizing health through the power of their revolutionary technology. Xandar Kardian’s radar signal processing sensor technology is currently deployed everywhere from hospitals and long-term care facilities to shopping centers and airports, where it can serve as a vital asset for caretakers and administrators seeking to optimize patient care and operations by measuring usage patterns and vital sign data. Likewise, Ceragem is dedicated to changing the spirit of the world by providing home health appliances backed by years of research, trials, and technology development. The company’s massage products have a rich multinational history of recognition for their efficacy and innovative design and can be found all over the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ceragem, a global, market-leading presence in the home healthcare sector,” said Sam Yang, CEO and co-founder at Xandar Kardian. “Over the last few years, Xandar Kardian has demonstrated that our technology is not limited to one specific setting – our vital sign monitoring and presence detection tech can provide value to patients, administrators, and the general public through a vast range of applications. The opportunity presented through this budding partnership with Ceragem has massive potential, and we’re looking forward to exploring how we can work alongside them to mutually deliver exciting, data-driven solutions to the market.”

The human body is a treasure trove of data, burning energy, creating sounds, and generating micro and macro movements each and every moment. By introducing technology capable of harnessing and measuring this data, Xandar Kardian and Ceragem can explore the opportunity to improve existing product offerings as well as collaborate on new data-rich health solutions spearheaded by radar. The partners are expected to kick off a collaborative pilot program in early 2024. As the partnership matures and deepens, added development opportunities may emerge as key customer requirements and opportunities are identified, refined, and addressed by the partners.

About Xandar Kardian
Xandar Kardian is a US Delaware C-Corp with international operations spanning South Korea, Canada, and Singapore, focused on deploying reliable and high accuracy security and healthcare solutions worldwide. Xandar Kardian elevates motion sensor technology to the next level, incorporating radar sensors that monitor vital signs via resting heart rate (RHR) and respiratory rate (RR), providing essential insights into occupant motion, location, and vital sign reading. Founded in 2017, the team behind Xandar Kardian is focused on digital radar signal processing from start-to-finish, having received FDA 510(k) Clearance for its XK300 in April 2021.

About Ceragem
Founded in 1998, the Korea-based health care company played a key role in popularizing the thermal massage bed, dubbed the Master V. When a user lies down, the heated massage rollers scan the user’s body shape and move along the spine, relieving muscle and joint pain. While achieving wide recognition in over 70 countries, Ceragem set its sights on Korea in 2018 and topped the domestic market in just three years. Last year, its sales in Korea surpassed $460 million, achieving a nine-fold increase compared to 2018.