Commercial Real Estate Leader Estimates $14K Annual Savings Per Floor with Xandar Kardian

Five-month pilot points to significant energy savings with precise radar-based presence detection.

A Canadian commercial real estate company first turned to Xandar Kardian in 2018 to better understand its space utilization in offices and meeting rooms. After seeing how the CT500 sensor helped with this, the company wanted to extend the benefit to energy savings. So in 2019, the company worked with a consultant to test the cost-effectiveness of Xandar Kardian UWB radar sensors vs. existing PIR sensors.

Trial Implementation
The company’s downtown Toronto headquarters previously used traditional PIR sensors to automate lighting and HVAC. These sensors relied on large body motions to detect presence, and used timers to keep lights on during periods without these movements (e.g., 15 minutes from last motion detected).

In a five-month pilot program (May – September 2019), the company used Xandar Kardian CT500 sensors to automate lighting and HVAC based on precise presence detection on the 48th and 49th floors, and estimate annual savings based on trial data.

Significant Savings
Following the five-month trial, consultants estimated an average savings of $14,341.22 CAD per floor, per year.

significant savings

“Delays of 15 minutes or more don’t lead to the kind of efficiency or cost savings today’s office environments need,” says Sam Yang, Co-founder, Xandar Kardian, Inc. “Ultra-wideband radar is a powerful way to tap into precise occupancy data immediately — and use that data to help improve your business.”

Meet the CT500

The CT500 sensor analyzes 15 million impulse radar signals per second — providing precise, real-time presence detection with 99.99% accuracy. The sensor can be used in offices, hallways, elevators and more to provide both presence/vacancy detection and people counting. Explore how it can help you power your business today.

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