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Crazy about radars

9 years
and counting ...

For 9 years, the team behind Xandar Kardian focused on one thing and one thing only – digital radar signal processing. Despite potential criticisms about being “out of focus”, we were just obsessed with what you can unlock with radar algorithms.

In fact, we don’t even manufacture the hardware itself. The best one liner intro about Xandar Kardian is that we are the “Google Android or Microsoft” of the radar industry.

We were the first to commercially deploy presence detection solutions into international airports, hotels, banks and office buildings. We were the first to even attempt at people counting with radar, which led to numerous peer reviewed journal publications and patents. Today, it is one of our best sellers having deployed into dozens of buildings in North America and EU. As radar based “vital sign monitoring” has become more well known in the start-up community, we have been doing just that since 2014.

In fact, while we are currently going through FDA 510(k) compliance clearance at the moment for RHR and RR monitoring, over 4 years of R&D is already being done for sleep apnea (OSA), heart arrhythmia(a.Fib) detection, epilepsy detection, memory care & behavioural health monitoring and even blood pressure detection.

Xandar Kardian is a US Delaware C-corp with entities and operations in Seoul South Korea, Toronto, Canada and Singapore. Partner satellite offices in Dubai, Amsterdam and Swiss are also in operation. The company, now in it’s 4th year is currently open for Series A investment round.

January 2020

CES 2020

December 2019

Joint Workshop Qxtel, Cherrypicks

November 2019

PERS Fall Gesture

November 2019

Oakridge Centre Deployment

Deployed since November, 2019
October 2019

Bayview Village Shopping Centre Deployment

Deployed since October, 2019
October 2019

Fall Detection - 4th Generation

The fourth generation for fall detection of shorter wall mounted version
October 2019

Upward Demo Day

October 2019

Futurism Award GITEX

August 2019


July 2019

OSR Ver2

June 2019

Realcomm 2019

May 2019

QuadReal 199 Bay St. Deployment

Deployed since May, 2019
April 2019

Vital_Sign Monitoring while Driving

April 2019

Meeting with Chubu

March 2019

Dementia Card & Nursing Home

February 2019

Fall Detection - 3rd Generation

The third generation for fall detection of the first wall mounted version
February 2019

R&D Lab Office Opening Party

January 2019

PERS Gesture Detection

January 2019

Xandar Kardian Inc.

Merger & Company name change
January 2019

CES 2019

November 2018

Fall Detection Accuracy Test

October 2018

Fall Detection - 2nd Generation

The second generation for fall detection with three radars
October 2018

YTN Interview

September 2018


June 2018

Tailgating Detection - 1st Generation

May 2018


May 2018


April 2018

ATM Skimmer Detection

April 2018

True Occupancy Detection in Singapore

April 2018

Object Detection Cargo Elevator

April 2018

Breathing Rate of Driver while Driving Highway

April 2018


March 2018

Singapore General Hospital

March 2018

HIMSS 2018

February 2018

Xandar Technologies (South Korea)

R&D Lab
February 2018

Vital-sign Monitoring Comparison

February 2018

Fall Detection from Bed/Toilet

January 2018

Presence Detection Comparison over-night

November 2017

Fall Detection - 1st Generation

October 2017

Kardian Inc. (USA)

Registered US-Delaware C-Corporation
September 2017

Passenger Detection in Vehicle

September 2017

Foot Traffic Counting in Pathway

September 2017

People Counting in Hallway

August 2017

Xandar Technologies (Singapore)

Singapore Corporation
June 2017

Vital-sign Monitoring for Big Animals(Horses)

May 2017

3D Finger Tip Tracking

March 2017

Arrhythmia Detection

March 2017

People Counting in an Elevator

January 2017

False Alarm Tests of Construction Machinery in Practical Situations (Comparison with other rardar)

December 2016

Positioning Tracking through Bricks

December 2016

Automotive Presence Detection Outside of Vehicle

November 2016

Finger Tracking

September 2016

Detection near Construction Machinery

August 2016

Noncontact Infant Monitoring Using an Radar

August 2016

Non-contact Cardiac Monitoring Using Radar

August 2016

Non-contact Infant Monitoring Using Radar

August 2016

Non-contact Fetal Monitoring Using an Radar

August 2016

Detection through Bricks and Woods

August 2016

Street Lamp Control Vehicle Detection

August 2016

People Counting in a Zone

July 2016

Vital Sign Monitoring in Vehicle

May 2016

Performance Verification of In & Out Counting in Practical Environment (at Actual Subway Station)

6-month testing for in & out people counting in actual environment in Gangnam Subway Station
February 2016

Start R&D on Fall Detection

The first project on feasibility and basic performance for detecting fall in Hanyang University lab {readmore}
December 2015

First meeting with Medical Doctors in Hanyang University Hospital

First official project started regarding healthcare with Hanyang University Hospital. Performance im{readmore}
September 2015

Breathing Monitoring Demo

August 2015

Indoor 2D Positioning Demo

May 2015

In & Out People Counting – 2nd Generation

Covering wider aisle / hallway using 2 radars
March 2015

Start R&D on Foot Traffic Counting

February 2015

Vital-sign Monitoring – 2nd Generation

New algorithm development for measuring heart rate including performance improvement
December 2014

In & Out Counting – 1st Generation

April 2014

Vital-sign Monitoring – 1st Generation

February 2014

Presence Detection – 2nd Generation

Auto-calibration function added
February 2014

Start R&D on In & Out People Counting

August 2013

Presence Detection – 1st Generation

March 2013

Zone People Counting – 1st Generation

February 2013

Start R&D on Vital-sign Monitoring

October 2012

Start R&D on Zone People Counting

August 2012

Start R&D on Presence Detection

March 2011


Under the direction of Prof. James (SH) Cho, UWB radar DSP engineering team is formed since 2011. (U{readmore}

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Partnership Inquiries.

Xandar Kardian is always open for partnership discussions. Our mission to help provide the best possible energy saving technologies for buildings that can promote best use of spaces in order to reduce carbon footprint. Healthcare solutions are our passion and we strive to make our solutions available globally if it can help save someone from potential sickness or other serious injury. Please talk to us!

* In order to protect the IP and valuation of XK, we are currently not accepting exclusive licensing or white-label (OEM) type of parternships. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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