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with Radar.

Xandar Kardian’s patented radar based people counting solution counts by collecting “average body motion value” per person in a given zone based on pre-calibrated factor index.

Confidential Info Leak<br />
/ Privacy Concern Free
Confidential Info Leak
/ Privacy Concern Free

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No camera, no microphone, no tokenized identification (WiFi MAC address / Bluetooth) means there is no way of identifying individual occupants as well as any possibility of physical or software “hacks” to obtain confidential/private data.

Discrete Installation
Discrete Installation

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As radar signals can penetrate through drywall, acrylic, plastic and glass, Xandar Kardian’s sensors can be installed behind ceiling panels, walls or even signage for 100% discrete installation.

Real-usage data (Presence)
Real-usage data (Presence)

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People counting starts by obtaining presence data. With this extra feature, it can detect and validate occupancy. Rooms that are reserved previously but unused in reality can be auto cancelled and made available again after a period of time (ie: 15 minutes).

Detection through complete<br />
darkness or smoke
Detection through complete
darkness or smoke

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Xandar Kardian sensors are not affected by lighting conditions – dark or bright. This means that during power outages or lock-down times, the system can still work as it does during daytime, making security patrol tasks more efficient. In an event of an emergency, such as a fire, the system can also detect presence and count occupants through thick smoke.


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For certain high-security environments such as banks, airports and even prisons, Xandar Kardian’s solutions can be completely “off cloud”, sending data results to closed loop systems only. Server access is only to send, store and display space utilization data in real-time.

Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring

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Unlike other “doorway” only counting solutions, Xandar Kardian’s people counting systems can count over any virtual zone. This means that it does not stop counting or stop checking for presence in a given space. Continuous monitoring means it will never miss occupancy or falsely detect vacancy.

Single Sensor

In and Out
Foot Traffic Counting

Easily installed and deployed above any entrance. Ideal for public buildings such as shopping malls, airports, subways due to privacy concerns and / or fluctuating accuracy from variable lighting conditions (sunlight). No physical maintaince required.


Create your own

Virtual Zone
People Counting

Boardrooms, co-working zones, factory assembly lines, coffee shop “line-up” waiting area, sitting area, department store “Levi’s Jeans” section, wine aisle in a supermarket, TV display section …. you are able to create virtual zones to specifically obtain seperate people count data over any space. Install on the wall, behind the wall, behind a signage, above an aisle, anything is possible with radar based people counting solution. No ceiling? – No worries!


Competition comparison:
Limited to foot traffic counting
via doorway or "low ceiling"
areas with camera (max 3.5M)

Even with AI + ML, image based people counting solutions are unable to accurately differentiate people from “background” unless they are making large motions (active changes against background image). This is the main reason why thermal, mono and 3D stereo vision cameras are installed “ceiling to floor” view method in order to obtain foot traffic info. Furthermore, it consumes larger amount of electrical power and data. Most importantly, privacy and security concerns are difficult to satisfy when using cameras.

People counting
is possible anywhere
with Xandar Kardian.

In/Out counting through entrances.
Virtual Zone counting via ceiling, wall, pillar, signage or even from on top of a product shelf.
10 meter, 600 sq.ft coverage per 1 radar. (4 times more range compared to cameras).
Continuous Scanning

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