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Request for COVID-19 Corporate application deck :

Social Distancing Guideline

Social Distancing Guideline

  • On-premise alert (sound/led) in real-time.
  • Max capacity threshold.
Smart Disinfection Control System

Smart Disinfection Control System

  • App for Janitorial / disinfection crew.
  • App for Tenant users.
Occupant Wellness Monitoring

Occupant Wellness Monitoring

  • Ability to monitor the heart rate and respiration rate in working spaces.
  • Able to detect and count number of cough.

Real-time Spacing Monitoring
(No Gathering in Groups)

Social distancing

On-premise alert (sound/led) in real-time if max capacity threshold is exceeded.
(e.g. office space, co-working space, meeting room, elevator, hallway, cafeteria, etc.)


*Base on people counting / presence detection

Real-time Spacing Disinfection

Co-working space guidance
+ Smart disinfection control system

Once “occupied” status is confirmed (longer than 1 minute dwell time), the system will wait until it becomes vacant before starting the 72-hour* clock countdown.

The seat / desk will be “Disabled” for 72 hours until a janitorial / disinfection crew member comes and sanitizes the surface with 62-71% alcohol-based solvent and reset the clock.


* SARS-COV2 Survival time on plastic / steel (

Health monitoring

Wellness Monitoring.

“Future Proof Solution” – post COVID19, the system can be used to gather comfort, stress or fatigue levels of the occupants for wellness monitoring.

Health & Wellness Emergency Detection

Ability to monitor the resting heart rate and respiration rate of single-occupant office spaces or co-working desks  in order to continuously monitor their health and well-being.

Able to detect and count number of cough

Research has shown that healthy adults can cough 18.6 times in a 24h time period. Those with respiratory disease, that count averaged 275 times in 24h time period. Cough frequency* was clearly different in healthy controls and patients with repiratory disease.


Future Proof

Deploying state of the art technology such as Xandar Kardian’s solution should not be a temporary application. Here are some reasons why the investment makes complete sense.

Real-time Occupancy Status
Real-time Occupancy Status

Able to monitor which desk / toilet stall is occupied or unoccupied throughout the floor

Energy Savings
Energy Savings

Automatically control HVAC / Lighting to obtain maximum energy savings (ROI in 15 months or less).

Space Utilization
Space Utilization

Know how each space is used by obtaining occupancy and foot traffic data. Provides efficient staff and facility management (including smart janitorial services).

Security and Safety
Security and Safety

Ability to understand where people are in the event of emergency (intrusion, fire / sense through smoke, gun threat, bomb threat, etc.)


Remote Employee Wellness Monitoring (REWM)

Due to COVID19, companies all over the world have resorted to employees working remotely, mostly from home. Some have even announced permanent remote working policies. Xandar Kardian believes that wellness monitoring should start from home – prior to them coming back to the office building from time to time.

Presence Detection w/ time stamp

There are many benefits of working from home. However, certain jobs may require time stamps (customer service support staff, security monitoring, etc.). Not every job can be “outcome” based or be done via video calls. For these type of jobs, XK’s presence detection with time stamp can ensure employee work-log ins (see verification).

Dwell time

Continuous vital sign monitoring can also provide accurate dwell time for employees working at home. As the sensors do not have any type of camera or microphone, it is also completely privacy-protected.

Wellness Monitoring

Pneumonia, COPD, # of coughs per day, elevated RHR (stress), Shortness of breath are all examples of health and wellness monitoring that can be done with Xandar Kardian’s sensor. During COVID19 pandemic, the system can be customized to detect for potential symptoms – such as increase in # of coughs per day, shortness of breath and irrregular presence+dwell times. Employees showing potential symptoms may be encouraged to stay home and seek medical attention instead of coming into the office periodically as a prevention strategy.


Without causing any privacy concerns, there must be a way to validate the authenticity of the user in a passive manner.
During the first day of usage, Xandar Kardian’s solution will be able to create a baseline RHR and RR levels of the user. As the numbers are only designed to be detected during “still motion”, RHR and RR levels should be relatively consistant day to day. If this number varies beyond a certain threshold (ie: 5pm) consistently, it will send out an alert for the employer and employee to verify.

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